Getting sexual arousal by observing, touching, kissing, smelling, licking, and fantasizing about breasts or butts and acknowledging it is quite common nowadays. However, if this worship refers to the feet, it may remain secret. The lower extremities are relegated to oblivion by most. But they are also a source of passions for so-called ‘foot fetishists’.Arola Poch, a psychologist specializing in ‘footfetish’ and a well-known ‘sex blogger’ in ‘ La Luna de Arola ‘, shows us the most hidden pleasures of this practice and ensures that the feet give a lot of play .

This type of fetishism consists of obtaining erotic and sexual pleasure based on the worship of the feet, usually of another person. “His followers are mostly men, and the most common object of desire, the female foot, is associated with the attraction to shoes, generally high heels ,” says Arola, who states that there are foot fetishists who does not like heels.Of course, playing with your feet can be used as a start to other sexual practices Foot worship London or to get your most faithful disciples to climax without the need for other stimuli.Just as there are different tastes when it comes to breasts, practically the same thing happens with these extremities. “A natural foot smell is also highly appreciated. There are even those who like a sweaty foot with a strong smell,” says Arola.Any foot can be desired by a foot fetishist and, when summer arrives, they enjoy the wonderful views that sandals and beaches offer them in a natural way.ART AND CULTUREIn ancient China, small feet were a sign of beauty, hence the cruel use of bandages or ‘chánzú’, which deformed the feet of high-class women.A reference to the so-called ‘vintage’ fetishism was the North American photographer Elmer Batters who, thanks to his work on foot, leg and stocking fetishism, was accused of being obscene and perverted during the 50s and 60s.Great filmmakers declared fetishists, such as Luis Buñuel or Quentin Tarantino, have offered us great scenes of that passion for feet. Who does not remember the latter drinking from Salma Hayek’s foot in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.


Those who want to go down to their partner’s pedestal as a means of erotic escape can consult Arola’s guide. There you will find the multiple variations around the soles, the fingers, the Achilles heel, the instep … This is a small summary about this new universe:-Massage. Simple, effective and enjoyable, both when receiving and giving. Not forgetting the benefits of foot reflexology.-Worship of the foot or ‘foot-worship’. It consists of licking, smelling, kissing or caressing every corner of the foot with passion.-Footrest or ‘Foot worship London’. Leave your feet on a human stool, placed on all fours or lying on the floor, as a carpet or ‘human carpet’.-Stepping or ‘trampling’. The fetishist subject lies on the floor or on the bed and the other person climbs on top. It can also be stroked, played and moved more subtly across the body of this human rug.-Tickling or ‘tickling’. Tickle or tickle the soles of the feet in many different ways.-Eating of the feet. Make your foot, or yours, the serving plate that goes straight to your mouth, or step on something rich with your foot and lick the sole clean.-Masturbation with the feet or ‘footjob’. You have to be skillful to caress with enough skill and subtlety but without using too much force, especially in certain parts … Another very widespread fetish today is that of ejaculating on the partner’s feet.After this intensive ‘Foot worship London’ session, you may have decided to join the cuddly foot appeal of sexologist Arola Poch because feet are not only used to keep us steady, walk or run. Believe me.

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