Fetishism can catch you off guard, so it is important to take into account some tips to know how to react to a fetishist man at Foot worship London.

You start dating a man and the first sexual relationships come naturally, until you start to observe certain fetishistic behaviors that catch you off guard. You don’t know how to act when your guy asks you to whip him or wants to make love to your feet. Today we give you some tips if you are dating a fetish man and you don’t know how to react.

The fetishism Foot worship London is still considered a taboo in our society, but is gradually making its way and more and more people and couples accept it and enjoy it in your sex life. Although these sexual practices or paraphilias can be the desire of both men and women, it seems that fetishism is more related to the male sex. Perhaps, the key is that it is men who dare to recognize their fetishism, since it is more socially accepted in them.

Be that as it may, it is common for heterosexual women or homosexual men to meet a male partner with certain fetishisms that can surprise and block the partner sexually and emotionally . If this is your case and you have found a fetish man in your sexual life, we give you some tips to take it easier.

Do not be afraid

It is not something as unusual as you think, actually many people in the world are fetishists. Fetishisms are nothing more than other ways of enjoying sex that are not conventional , but they do not have to be bad for that. Refusing outright out of fear of the experience will only block your sexual instincts.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do

It is clear that there are fetishes to fetishes and that these do not have to be for you. In a sexual relationship, neither member of the couple should do something they do not want. Sex implies freedom and respect, so if there is something you don’t want to do, explain it to your partner and talk about it like two adults.

Have an open mind

Maybe at first it seems too strange or out of the ordinary, but the fact that you have not had fetishistic impulses before does not mean that you will not like it . It is important that you are sure that you want to do it, but do not let your prejudices invade your mind towards the negative answer. If what your fetish partner offers you does not threaten your person emotionally and physically and you would not mind trying, why not do it?

Start small

If you have never had a fetish sex session and are willing to try, ask your boy to go little by little. Do not dare with everything in the same session because it can be a shock. A very good way to test certain fetishisms is through sexual games , which help to Foot worship London and promote sexual desire. Go little by little and always as far as you feel ready.

Agree on a stop sign

Maybe you have thought about it and you want to try it, but at the moment you feel uncomfortable and do not want to continue … It is important that you agree on a stop sign that indicates to your partner that you do not want to continue with a Foot worship London certain fetish practice, even if he is very excited . Remember that sex should be free and both people should feel comfortable with what they do. It is not about forcing yourself to anything, not for love either.

Be honest with each other

If you don’t like his fetish practices and you are unable to understand or enjoy them, now is the time to have a conversation with your boy and see how you can solve it. Perhaps you are incompatible in bed and you will not be able to continue the relationship, or maybe your partner’s fetishism is not so important to her. Do not be afraid that the relationship will end, your sexual happiness and your integrity are above all. Do not forget!

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