After the voyeurism , comes the second installment on (for) branches of D. Luv. Today, it’s time to see the feet, and beyond them, in the Feet Worship London. His articles are an original descriptive and fictional mixture in which he addresses what we do not talk about, those fantasies that most of us hide in the field of the forbidden. Enter foot fetishism with D. Luv.

Beyond Foot Fetish

The feet

They are there. We do not pay too much attention. Some women, before the imminent arrival of summer, we begin their grooming ritual. One of the funniest moments is when you put on the foam rubber finger separator.

The tickles

They can be terribly pleasurable. They can be a reason for anger, for family war, for painful laughter. Loved or hated, by almost all people. The “tickle” are another species, more boring.


Tongue and teeth are two powerful instruments in a sexual setting. I particularly like wet, anxious mouths. The teeth to scratch, Feet Worship London leave a mark.


Lick my feet! The mere order excites. We are not accustomed to submission, or to the subject’s dessert before our feet, shuddered. But when it happens…

The foot fetish recipe

  • What happens when you mix all four?
  • If the scrambled ingredients have activated some spring in body or mind.
  • If you are curious to try the mixture.
  • If you want to be invited to a feast of feet.
  • You may be a foot fetish or foot worshiper. 

Why foot fetishism?

Within this practice we are struck by the Footjob (sex with the feet), Toejob (sex with the toes) or the Sockjob (sex with socks). The idea is to get away from the nerve centers of pleasure and go down to the last limb of our Feet Worship London body. Expand the distance with your lover, to expand the diversity of sexual games . Fuck with the look, while the caresses and saliva soak that part of the body so little used.

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