Significant Parts of a Term Paper

A term paper is a very important document that students have to write. A term paper has three significant parts that are an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. The introduction is where it starts from. The introduction must be compelling and should be written in a way as to draw the readers into reading the entire term paper. It normally consists of some background information about the main topic and a thesis statement. The background information is briefly provided in terms of the key points as to give readers an idea as to what is coming ahead in the term paper. Once an introduction has been written the main body follows and lastly a conclusion is to make an everlasting impression on the readers. All these parts are extremely vital to write a term paper. The purpose of this article is to explain you further about the significant parts of a term paper. Please keep reading to find more information.

The Introduction

An introduction is an extremely important part of a term paper since it is the start. It has to be compelling as to make readers more curious. One of the best ways to write an introduction is to start it with a question or an interesting statistic. For instance if your term paper is about AIDS disease than you can start it something like ‘how many people die of AIDS in Africa every year’, since the beginning has a question the readers would like to find more about the exact statistic ahead in the term paper. You can provide the exact or approximate number right after asking a question. The other way is to provide an interesting statistic to surprise the reader.

You can begin something like, every year 3 million people die of AIDS in Africa. This is not the exact figure it has just been provided to give you an idea as to how you can come up with a statistic. You can conduct research on the internet and find the exact number as to how many people die of AIDS in Africa every year. Once you have a compelling start you can provide some background information about the disease and how it started. But you must keep things very precise. Do not provide detailed information as yet. Write a compelling thesis statement to give the readers the purpose of reading your term paper.

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