Many people come to my office and say that they cannot reveal their Feet Worship London and desires even for you, imagine for the other. Therefore, an important first step is to have an open conversation with your association, saying that you have started to reflect on the matter and that you would like to talk about it so that you can get their opinion and talk about yours. Most of the people who suffer from sexuality are the people who suffer from sexuality and sexuality. If there is clarity on this issue, there will also be about our wishes and we will manage to communicate it our association.

This clarity of one’s own desires and fetishes brings certainty so that the subject is approached in a natural way. Sex is healthy and is part of all our sexuality. It needs to be natural and respectful for both of you. If it is difficult to discuss the matter, respect it. And that we must not forget that we must not forget that there is nothing I can do. Many people report in the office that perhaps this fetish continues at the level of fantasy and is never realized. Right now, he doesn’t see himself performing, but debating about it brings a new dynamic to the relationship.

The fetish is healthy when we don’t have it as the only source of pleasure seeking. It is necessary to have it as an ally in the search for creativity and lightness to have a better quality of life with our sexual relations.

Feet Worship London: What is it and how to give maximum pleasure

Today we want to talk to you about foot fetishism and it is that this area of ​​our body although to most people it seems somewhat ugly or perhaps one of the least attractive of our anatomy, for some people it is one of the most exciting and even with the same erotic charge than one’s own sex or genitalia. The attraction to the feet is called podophilia and is usually more common among men . Although for the rest of the mortals this area of ​​the body is not so interesting, the truth is that thanks to its large number of endings it is really pleasant to receive a massage in them. You have to get rid of stale prejudices and discover this delicate and sensitive area that concerns us and other ways of having sex.

What is Foot Fetish: Foot Fetish Meaning

If you have always liked other people’s feet and you really feel a strong sexual desire towards them and towards the stimulation of the feet it can be said that you are a foot fetishist . Calm or calm is neither a disease nor a disorder, it is just a personal taste that can enrich or give variety to your sexual life as a couple.

We can only speak of paraphilia when your sexual arousal is limited to this area or area of ​​the partner or partner and therefore affects your sexual life and that of your boy or girl because you only want to have sex when this area of ​​the anatomy it is the main ingredient. Therefore it is limited and negatively affects the day to day of your sexual relations.

The origin of this fetishism is not exactly known, what is known is one of the most sensitive areas of the human being . Imagine the clitoris is the most sensitive organ of the human species since there are around 8000 nerve endings, in the feet approximately 7000. So if the clitoris, the penis is similar but somewhat inferior, it offers you how many pleasant sensations your undervalued feet can give you.

Another important characteristic of this fetish is that it is not only limited to the feet but is also felt by shoes , even by other accessories. In some men the sexual desire aroused by the shoe is greater than the foot itself. Thus, the excitement is not only felt by the content but also by the continent, although not just any shoe is worth it, they are usually high heels since they are accessories that only women use and therefore are more feminine than other garments … They are something like that as a female symbol or a symbol that represents the entire sexuality of women. In addition, these accessories do not have to be new but rather used, that is, you can appreciate the shape of the foot that has used it and better if they smell like used to be totally irresistible.

According to reputable neurologists, because the genital area is adjacent to the foot area in the brain, it is the ultimate cause of this original way of getting excited.

Foot fetish and how to give pleasure with your feet

Now that you know how pleasant it can be to stimulate your feet or receive such stimulation, it only remains to introduce these games into your sexual life. For our part, we want to give you some tips to start enjoying them, so let’s see how to give pleasure and receive it with your fingers and phalanxes.

Caressing the feet

If the feet are not properly washed, hydrated and generally cared for, it must be done as they may not be beautiful to see or touch, but this really happens with any other area of ​​our body that is not properly cared for and clean. Therefore, first of all, proper hygiene of this area will be necessary, as well as its respective cream, file for calluses or scissors to cut the nails so that they are as soft and clean as possible. Every person should know this to properly treat their skin and thus be prepared for intimate relationships.

Subsequently apply a good massage oil or a water-based lubricant to be able to massage the area well. A correct hydration or lubrication of the feet is essential so that our hands slide on them and the caresses are pleasant and as intense as you want them without feeling annoying sensations. In addition to your hands, dare to use your mouth, teeth and lips … nibbles, licks, kisses and other caresses will be terribly pleasant and will be an incredible preliminary.

And to finish we can give you other tips to innovate, for example use a product that provides cold or heat or wet them and then blow, do not forget the thermal sensations!

Back massage with feet

There are many erotic things to do with your feet,  they can not only receive pleasure but can also give it. So apply oil or lubricant on them and massage the back of your sexual partner. Don’t forget that you don’t usually give massages with your legs and that you also have a lot of strength in them, possibly more than in your arms… So start little by little and do it with little intensity. Smear yourself with these products and start with circular movements and launch yourself to explore, surely other movements will be occurring just as pleasant for your partner.

And realize one thing, your hands are free so do not miss this opportunity to touch, caress or stimulate any part of the rest of her skin, she will surely love the triple massage.

Stimulation of the genitals with the feet

Without fear but with delicacy and care, masturbate your boy or girl with your feet. Do not forget to use a good lubricant so that the pleasure is maximum and also do not damage the delicate skin of her pubis with friction.

Foot fetishist if your partner has a penis

The most sensitive and delicate part of the man and therefore the one that will give him the most pleasure will be the glans. So “feet” to work, use a good dose of lubricant, now more than ever, and make the most sensual moments that you can think of. We advise you to make circles around your frenulum, it never fails !!!

Foot fetishist if your partner has a vagina

As with women, lubricant and be very careful, as we have already said how delicate the clitoris is. Also, like the penis, it has a glans or cap, so even more careful with this area. A dose of enthusiasm and eager to have fun and it will be a very special time.

In short, undress your feet, massage them, smell them, lick them, eat them and if you want to go further, masturbate with them until you reach orgasm.

Foot fetish in history

Let’s move on to see this type of fetishism in history. Chinese men had true devotion for small feet for centuries as it is a very desirable trait, in addition

to be an attractive characteristic to consider when marrying a woman . To do this, the girls bandaged each foot so that the bone did not grow lengthwise, but rolled over themselves. Great care and hygiene had to be taken in the area to avoid infection. The girls from the poor classes could not do it since it is very painful and it prevented the girls from working for their parents, since this had to be done between three and seven years. This was another reason why men preferred women with small feet as this was a symbol of wealth, class and distinction.It also had a component of control and submission because their feet were so small and difficult to walk with for the reasons mentioned that they could not walk far from home. Fortunately this tradition fell into disuse and the girls stopped dying from the medical complications that such mutilation entailed.

Another noteworthy case much more current in time is the one that we all remember in the sequence of the film “Open until dawn” a sensual dancer wrapped in a snake who walks barefoot and brings her foot to the mouth of one of the spectators who enjoy of his show. The girl drops some beer down her knee, which goes down to her feet and from there it goes into the man’s mouth. He stares at her and drinks as he licks her toes. The dancer is Salma Hayek and the client was none other than director Quentin Tarantino. And it is not the only scene of this filmmaker where the feet are more important than other parts of the body of his actresses … Quentin is apparently another “lover” of this area of ​​the anatomy of women.

So maybe the time has come to try new things with your partner, you have to discover the pleasure that this forgotten and despised area of ​​your body can offer you !!!

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