For a fetishist of the foot , the ankle boots eroticism and no, online continues upward as logic would indicate the desire, but is directed downward. There, 26 bones, 33 joints, a hundred muscles and a disturbing mesh of infinite nerve endings await you, with direct and immediate connection to the pleasure centers of the brain. It is not necessary to speak of a fetish to know that a massage on them elevates us to a state of general well-being and unique levels of arousal.But where does fetishism begin? The definition is obvious. Foot worship London is a person, almost always a man, who is sexually attracted to this area of ​​the human anatomy. For a fetishist , the mere sight of a foot or a high-heeled shoe triggers a process of pleasant and highly stimulating sexual sensations.However, this explanation is not very clear. The filmmaker Luis Buñuel, for example, had a reverence for feet , but he got nervous when they called him a fetishist. In many of his films, that passion shows up for the ankle, toes, calves and high-heeled shoes. In ‘The Golden Age’, the protagonist sucks the big toe of a Roman statue trying to alleviate the loss of the beloved man.

In ‘Diary of a waitress’ the old man dies hugging some boots. And in ‘Viridiana’, his late wife’s shoe awakens eroticism in Don Jaime, who is also turned on by his niece’s feet. Still, on occasion he confessed his disgust towards feet as sexual perversion and insisted that the attraction was purely intellectual.Whether it is a matter of the intellect or the impulse, the truth is that the erotica of the foot is complex and admits many nuances that are revealed as this devotion is coming out of the closet. In Brazil, the United States and England, private clubs have been created that celebrate the famous Foot Fetish parties, with models hired for the occasion and prices only within the reach of some pockets. Spain already has its own fetishist athenaeum , which brings together ordinary people with a common brand of foot worship .Their next appointment takes place this weekend in the Portuguese city of Porto, as part of the Erosporto erotic show program. There will be a space reserved to enjoy foot fetishism without the gaze of curious and discover the codes that make this pleasure an exquisite ceremony. Before it opened, we spoke with one of its hosts, Arola Posch , psychologist, sexblogger, and she revealed some (as far as discretion allows) of the codes for this private party:

The man is, almost always, the Foot worship London  , the one who adores female feet . It is also practiced between homosexual couples. There is usually a similar proportion of men and women who come together to enjoy their feet in one way or another.

The star of this event is the foot. The fetishist can massage, kiss, lick or suck the feet of whoever they like, always in a friendly, respectful and consensual environment.

It is not an orgy with hired women, nor a late-night gathering of perverts, but a celebration that aims to express the unmatched strength of the foot in human sexuality.

Each of the guests chooses with whom and how they want to enjoy themselves. The use of mobile phones or other recording devices is prohibited.

The foot continues to be the protagonist although the assistants move on to other techniques closer to the game of submission domination. For example, stepping (‘trampling’) or having the fetishist lie down on the feet as if it were a carpet or a footrest. If the connection becomes more, everyone is free to let themselves be carried away by imagination and pleasure.

The fetishist knows the exact point to touch at each moment following the erogenous path of the foot : the ankles, the arch, the areas between the toes … In Japan, the ‘geishas’ closed their massages by sucking the thumb of their clients, simulating a fellatio that could cause unspeakable orgasms.

Sometimes the fetishist takes note of the foot reflexology, which indicates the precise way to touch, caress or press, but the most fascinating thing is that each one explores his body and discovers his exclusive erogenous areas.

One of the highlights is the under table ceremony. During the after-dinner meal, while some (almost always women) chat or play a game of mus, others (generally men) prostrate themselves at his feet, letting their bodies or faces act as footrests.

As a culmination, each one can stamp their endearing mark Foot worship London on a wall painting that will later be raffled off among the devotees.

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