Hello, I’m here again, today I want to tell you about an experience that happened before and after in what I knew as Foot worship London.

If I had the theory, thanks to my fellow sexologists and YouTube, but a real experience, something certain I did not have.

But first a question, what is fetishism for you? Why does everyone have a sexual predilection, or do you think that those people who consider themselves fetishists are strange or sick.

Now I ask Noemi Parra, fellow psychologist at Foot worship London Andalucía:

What is fetishism?

Fetishism is not only related to sexuality.

The word fetish comes from the Latin facticius (artificial, invented) and would have evolved into Portuguese, feitiço, which means spell, which is why fetishism can be considered as a form of religious belief or practice in which “certain objects are considered to possess powers magical or supernatural and that protect the bearer or the people from natural forces ”. For this reason, amulets are also considered fetishes .

How do we unite it with sexuality?

In strictly sexual terms, fetishism consists of erotic arousal or the consummation of orgasm through a specific object, a substance, a part of the body, or a particular situation.

The sexual Foot worship London is considered a harmless practice save causing an upset in the person clinically significant or problems to others.

There are a multitude of behaviors, objects, situations, parts of the body that we love, they raise our spirits, they excite us, we are passionate about …

Have you seen Sex and the City? Remember Carrie with her adoration for shoes, that was her fetish!

And the topic about military uniforms, firefighters, security forces, nurses, secretaries, topic or reality? We may not talk about it openly, but surely some of them attract your attention, hence the use of different types of costumes as a fetish.

About a year ago we did a program on OndaLuz about this topic, Granada Erotica, program number 4.

First of all, I started by accepting that I too am a fetishist, specifically of the hands of men. But today I’m going to tell you about my experience with foot fetishists, something that you often think, yuck, yuck! Well, just tell you that it is not like that, some men adore our feet, so different from each other as they are seductive.

My adventure began in Malaga, where as a consultant I accept the invitation to attend a fetish event, because there I planted myself, with curiosity and a tingling in the stomach.

Everyone was very involved in their role, they were known and practitioners of this foot fetishism, seen from afar it is something rare, men sitting at the feet of women, some stroking and kissing the feet, other women chatting animatedly (which is the usual) unless they were standing on some man.

Once the first impression was over, the workshops, exhibitions began and little by little with the help of some very great professionals, I discovered that this world of Fetish Feet, as big and beautiful as it is complex. Stockings, shoes, feet …

Yes, as they call a game, I leave my feet to their hands and mouths. And after the first impression, I want to tell you that it is pleasant, curious and fun.

On the Sexual theme, it is clear that as always “giving pleasure generates pleasure”, for these men this game is very exciting.

What happened after this, since I have brought the Foot worship London to my meetings, workshops and events, I have had the pleasure of offering this experience to the girls, which has been pleasantly received, I will even tell you that I was surprised when some they already knew this fetish.

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